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The Linn Soil and Water Conservation District has partnerships with many organizations and agencies in the area of natural resources. The following are just a few of the more prominent of these valuable relationships.  See Resources & Links for web links to additional Linn SWCD partners. 


Oregon Department of Agriculture, ODA

The Natural Resources Division, NRD, of the ODA, provides support to all of the SWCDs in Oregon. The NRD coordinates various programs of districts and tries to keep directors informed of activities in other districts and to develop cooperation among districts. The NRD also seeks sources of assistance from other state and federal departments and agencies, provides administrative grant assistance, assists with district funding strategy, and is responsible for reviewing all projects, practices, budgets, contracts or regulations of districts. 



Natural Resources Conservation Service, NRCS

Soil and Water Conservation Districts have formed a close working bond with the NRCS. The staff of the NRCS provide technical assistance to local land managers, SWCDs, and many other entities. The NRCS has a staff of technical specialists in many different fields to aid in solving a wide range of natural resource problems


Watershed Councils

SWCDs work closely with Watershed Councils with their districts, often cooperating on projects. Linn SWCD works with the Calapooia Watershed Council, the South Santiam Watershed Council, and the North Santiam Watershed Council.


Linn County
e are not a Linn county agency, we do work closely with staff from various departments involving natural resources.  In addition, the Linn SWCD provides information to the Linn county commissioners to keep them informed of our activities and achievements. Linn County Roadmaster also provides funding to the district to support our services. 


Oregon Association of Conservation Districts, OACD

The Oregon Association of Conservation Districts is a statewide membership organization serving Oregon's Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Water Control Districts. OACD provides oversight and training opportunities for all of the local SWCDs in Oregon. The goals of OACD include: 

  • Promoting the conservation and wise use of the natural resources of the state of Oregon
  • Serving as spokesman for those who are committed to the belief that Oregon's soil, water, air and renewable resources must be used in accordance with the needs of the people of the state while maintaining a quality environment and a productive economy
  • Cooperating with public and private organizations with similar purposes towards the adoption of statewide policies and programs which will effectively contribute to a quality environment and a productive economy. 
  • Informing the public of the value of soil and water conservation, flood prevention, proper land use planning, orderly economic development, recreation development, fish and wildlife enhancement and other benefits.



Oregon State University Extension Service, OSU Extension

Oregon State University's Extension Service provides education and information based on timely research to help Oregonians solve problems and develop skills related to youth, family, community, farm, forest, energy, and marine resources. Their mission is carried out by extending the research knowledge base of the University to local people who need the information and providing leadership in applying this knowledge to the problems people have identified.  OSU Extension provides non-formal education that meets the needs of Oregonians and contributes significantly to strong individuals, families and communities; a vibrant economy; and sustainable natural resources.  Linn SWCD partners with the local OSU Extension offices for workshops, outreach events, and trainings. 


Farm Service Agency, FSA

FSAs mission is to stabilize farm income, help farmers conserve land and water resources, provide credit to new or disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, and help farm operations recover from the effects of disaster.  FSA provides aerial photos for use in conservation planning work done by Linn SWCD and NRCS. 


Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, OWEB

The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board provides technical assistance, technical training and forums for communication among the watershed councils and the Linn SWCD.  OWEB also provides small grants for locally identified restoration projects.


National Association of Conservation Districts, NACD

The National Association of Conservation Districts assists the Linn SWCD by developing national conservation policies, influencing lawmakers, and building partnerships with other agencies and organizations.  The NACD also helps the Linn SWCD share ideas in order to better serve its local community.


Soil and Water Conservation Commission, SWCC

The Soil and Water Conservation Commission has a major role in overseeing the ODA grant programs to the Linn SWCD.  The Commission also provides assistance, direction and coordination between the Linn SWCD, the ODA Natural Resources Division, the NRCS, FSA, OSU Extension, OACD and OWEB.




Please see Resources & Links for web links to additional Linn SWCD partners. 

Updated 1/5/06